One platform for your whole app lifecycle

We support mobile marketers across their entire app lifecycle, improving performances and maximizing user engagement


We help clients find the audience most in target with their app by analyzing users’ historical and real-time behaviour through machine learning and AI-based predictive technology

Instal Behavioural Algorithm analyzes historical and real-time app user behaviour, depending on the apps people have installed on their devices and opened more frequently, to provide them with the most relevant content The ML and AI algorithms dynamically analyze and identify target audiences based on active app usage and offline behavior in order to match people with the most fitting apps


We drive installs and new user engagement through exclusive placements and media channels supported by our proprietary anti-fraud system, developed to ensure effective user qualification.

Our preload solutions, pre-installed in all the global mobile operators branded devices, allow advertisers to maximize their app visibility and customer engagement through exclusive placements The combination of native and high impacting creativities enhances the user experience, driving brand awareness and performance, helping turn users into aware and loyal clients Our proprietary anti-fraud system, with dedicated yield management team, combines technology and expertise to ensure effective delivery and ever-growing results based on individual product and client needs


Our analytics system integrated with the main tracking and mobile measurement platforms, analyzes post install behaviour of users to identify the most suitable audience for apps being promoted, optimizing their entire mobile strategy

Instal analytics system monitors all post install user activities to deeply understand audience behaviour in order to optimize campaign performances on traffic sources converting better and to keep delivering the most in target contents Post install analysis on the most engaged users’ actions to create LookAlike campaigns and discover users more in target with your app. You will be able to expand your customer base, improving the number of loyal clients and keep going with a more detailed targeting analysis and activities

Wake Up

We aim and support your needs in order to re-engage inactive users while improving the engagement levels of your already active ones

Our re-engagement solutions manage to reach lost users, driving the restart of their app usage through dynamic display ads designed to catch people when they are more receptive Our deeplinking can be implemented across different channels to improve clients’ app marketing strategy and optimize in-app conversions, improving customer loyalty

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